Monday, December 29, 2014


 Rice view facing our hotel in Ubud. It was a wet day and the coconut trees in the background looked like vistas

 A traditional Bali statue
 The musician playing a traditional instruments , as a prelude to the Balinese dance
One of the dancer in the dance

The dance was entrancing and it was hard to capture the movement , and it's important to focus on just the essence of the gestures.

Denpasar Airpoty. They have upgraded the airport and it looked so different- ultra modern and new,

Amsterdam and Brugge

 At the Van Gogh museum where people were swarming around at Netherlands's favourite son-Van gogh

 It was winter when we arrived in Amsterdam. The trees were bare and everyone was covered up. View from our hotel

Schipol airport in Amsterdam

 At a cafe in Amsterdam, facing the canal. It was interesting to just draw cyclists riding past

 Brugge in Belgium-An UNESCO site , with canals and gothic buildings

 Cafe in Brussel.

random comic


Arches paper

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baboons at the zoo

Ink and lines- capturing Baboons essence

Composition- The male Baboon was in the foreground while the rest of the group was foraging for food- I was seated comfortably while drawing this.
Abstract form of baboons

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