Saturday, December 18, 2010

At work

Random stuff while doing real work...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bali sketches

At changi airport , waiting for my budget air plane-Jetstar. It was slightly delayed , which was bearable , considering all the recent horror stories of budget airline

Spotted another plane-Garuda plane having its cargo transported off

At the cafe in airport

Waiting for the announcement to board the plane

Some quick notes on Bali and "impressions"

The villa my wife and I stayed in and the stuff in there

Another quick notes on Bali as we were in the car for our day trip to some places in Bali

Quick notes again

Rice field in Bali.. we took almost 2 hours to get there to see the rice field

Tanah lot temple by the cliff..

Another quick notes as I looked around in the car

Quick notes again ..

Statue at Tanah Lot

Gateway to the Tanah Lot temple

Fire dance in Bali.. I was not paying much attention as there was an incident prior to it, involving
my wife got attacked by monkey, and it stealing my sketchbook and me losing my pen.
Stuff I bought there. The Balinese are good at carving..
Interesting statue at the villa
Stuff along the road in the village

Statues at a temple near the villa
More statue

Ubud town..

At cafe Wayang in Ubud

Ubud Palace compound