Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taiwan Trip sketches

When I travel, I travel in style- budget air style;)

"Herding area" before boarding the plane.. airports and planes always make me think of animals-us..from the feeding on the plane to the herding ..the quarantine etc

In Taipei, during summer.. shaved ice with various yummy toppings are the best.This is a typical ice shaving machine where ice is grinded

Taiwan is all about scooters..

Maytrs' shrine where the guards stand as still as statue and do a dril during the guard changing ceremony

The palace museum where all the most priceless artifacts through the rich history of the various dynasty are here.

Mountain climbing at Yangminshan..up the highest peak . Mount Qixing (Seven Star Mountain), has an elevation of 1120 meters (3,674 ft), and its peak is the highest point in Taipei City.. The area is known as the "grass mountain too, with the tall silver grass covering the entire slope

One of the oldest temple in Taipei- Longshan temple.. destroyed countless times and rebuilt countless time.

Taipei eatry..plenty of them everywhere

Jiufen.. houses on the slope..interesting place.. one of my favourite

Jiufen is well known for their delicacy of fishballs and teahouses

How to make a good cup of tea.. it's an art and a process

At the oldest teahouse in jiufen.. .enjoying the tea and the mountain view..

The stuff of tea..

An area in Jiufen

Jiufen is filled with narrow streets and steps.. with red lanterns

Another eatery.. this time in danshui

Danshui old street



Incense urn...

At Xinmenting.. aka singapore orchard road area. where illegal food peddlar sell food and do
a cat and mouse game with the authorities

Scooters.. on the road..

Going back on the plane.. everyone stuffing their luggage filled with either soft toys, instant noodles, or pastries.. etc

Boarding area..back to Singapore

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